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"Sara Porkalob:Writer, Director, Stage Phenom"

Sara Porkalob loves confrontation.

The writer/director/performer tells me so as we chat about the local theatre scene, lighting up as she says it. Her delight isn’t only in being so un-Seattle (Porkalob was raised largely in Bremerton); it’s also because the city’s infamous politeness impedes its progress, and she’s over it. When it comes to moving the needle on equity and intersectionality in Seattle theatre, Porkalob isn’t afraid to be completely honest: “Transparency, people—let’s just fucking do it!”


"Intiman Theatre's 2017 Co-curator"

Award-winning solo performer, actor, director and arts activist Sara Porkalob  will serve as co-curator of 2017 as part of a new Co-Curation leadership model designed to bring fresh voices and perspectives to Intiman Theatre’s programming.


"The Stranger: person of interest"


Sara Porkalob is best known for her solo show, Dragon Lady, a hilarious family history featuring a badass Filipina grandma with a gangster past. The range of characters she's capable of playing with fidelity, and her ability to create a fully fleshed-out world onstage by merely switching back and forth between these creations, is impressive. In addition to launching an intersectional peer-review writing collective, drafting music for a one-woman musical and prepping for a few upcoming directing gigs, she'll be performing on no less than four stages in the month of October alone. We e-mailed her to find out what she does during the five seconds a week she has to herself...