Artist Activist




As a Director, I focus on: new works, musicals, solo- performance, and site-specific works.


Do it For Umma by: seayoung yim

Annex Theatre, February 2016

In this surreal comedic detective story, the ghost of Hannah’s recently deceased mother returns to haunt the Korean convenience store she once ran with an iron fist, shaming, cajoling, and needling her daughter into avenging her extremely suspicious death. While Hannah’s older brother shirks off familial duties in favor of a romantic tryst with the local dry-cleaning maven, Hannah embarks on an epic mission to piece together the clues that will lead her to Umma’s killer. Featuring a chorus of Ajummas and a healthy dose of revenge, Do It for Umma is an absurd tragicomedy about a young woman trying to gain her mother’s approval and protect her family’s honor in the strangest of circumstances.


Lonesome Town, a site-specific memory piece

Mercer Island, 2015

Commissioned by Joe Iano and Leslie Bain, this site specific performance took place on Mercer Island traveling between their home and Leslie's childhood home. Exploring love, loss and rebirth through memories shared between families and across generations, this piece was performed for an audience of friends and family in celebration of Leslie's birthday.


Peach tree parables, a promenade adventure

May 2014

Created in collaboration with The Living Room Project, Peach Tree Parables is a series of three short plays staged in a 175 year old house in Ravenna neighborhood. The audience is divided into three groups and experience the performances promenade style, moving from one location to the next while all three plays happen simultaneously. 



Cornish College of the Arts, August 2014


DEADliest instruments

The Triple Door, 2013

You've heard all about Bonnie and Clyde -- of the Great Depression's notorious, bank-robbing Barrow Gang -- but what about Blanche Barrow, Clyde's sister-in-law? Told in modern vaudeville style with original musical accompaniment performed by a live band, The Deadliest Instruments recounts Blanche's exploits as the wife of Clyde's older brother Buck and the couple's time as outlaws in the Barrow Gang. Based on Blanche's true story, this New Amerikan Theatre production is as lively as it is timely, as enthralling as it is thought-provoking.