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The Problem of Spectacle In David Byrne’s Here Lies Love

I wrote a critique of Here Lies Love and received some interesting messages in my FB inbox and email, excerpts below:

  • "What makes you think you can write theatre reviews just cause you're an actress?"
  • "You said NOTHING AT ALL about sheer technical magic of the production!"
  • "Are you mad because you didn't get cast?"
  • "I've read all of your pieces and it sounds like you're just a bitter feminist."

-_- (my face when reading all of them) and also, "SIGH"

First: Um, I write critiques because a bitch does what she wants. Second: Every other review has praised the show for it's production value and I have other things to say. Third: I would hope that even if I were cast in the show, that would not impair my critical thinking skills. Fourth: Yes, that is true. You mad, bro?

Some of my mentors suggest that I edit my writing style to bring my readers in, rather than push them away. They also say that one way I can do that is to posit, rather than to assert. My intention isn't to push away, but to take up space. To take up as much assertive space as I can. Maybe I just need a good editor? 

Anyway, have a read if you like: The Problem of Spectacle In David Byrne’s Here Lies Love